Hand Sawing

When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further. At Clean Cut Sawing and Drilling Inc., we do a clean cut job. We love what we do and guarentee quality service no matter how difficult the job may be.

Wire sawing can be used to cut any substrate in any application. From square openings in a wall to cutting entire portions of a building away from itself, the wire saw can cut to any depth, length, or width. It is litereally infinite in sawing ability.

Clean Cut Sawing and Drilling Inc. has the ability and the know how to core any depth or diameter desired. While core drilling is commonplace in construction these days, it's hard to beat a man at his own game. We can drill to unlimited depths and have the exerience to prove it.

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Flat sawing is most commonly used to cut building slabs and roadways asphalt or concrete. From plumbing trenches to runway expansions, Clean Cut Sawing and Drilling Inc. has you covered.

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chain sawing

Flat Sawing

Core Drilling

Chain sawing is most commonly used in openings smaller than 20" x 20" that can't be overcut as well as finish the corners that round blades can't get to. By achieving a "plunge" depth of up to 25", the chainsaw allows the back corners left by a round blade to be cut to depth without overcutting. 

Wall sawing is most commonly used to cut rigid walls. From doorways to complete wall demo, wall sawing is a fast, safe and  effective way to remove any size portion of concrete, brick, or CMU wall.

Hand sawing is used for multiple applications but, it's most common use is in demolition environments. When an area is inaccessible by larger equipment, hand sawing is the ticket. This is our most versatile production cutting tool and can cut up to a depth of 12".